Magnetic Levitation in the News

Scientists finally find why spinning magnet causes 2nd magnet to levitate
While magnetic levitation is a well-known concept, this specific instance perplexed researchers since it defied traditional physics laws. Rasmus Bjørk, a professor at DTU, was intrigued by the ... continued..
A Wild Experiment With Magnets Actually Suspended Gravity
Gravity basically doesn’t factor into a new style of rotation-based magnetic levitation being developed. This spin-stabilized levitation uses a rotating magnet to steady the levitating magnet ... continued..
China’s hyperloop is fastest high-speed train in history
The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation ran a test and a high-speed train, using maglev technology, has broken its previous record of 387mph. continued..
Magnetic levitation demonstrated using a Dremel tool spinning a magnet at 266 Hz. (VIDEO)
Magnetic levitation demonstrated using a Dremel tool spinning a magnet at 266 Hz. The rotor magnet is 7x7x7 mm3 and the floater magnet is 6x6x6 mm3. This video show the physics described in the ... continued..
Development Of Magnetic Locking Idea Shows Great Progress
No matter how its done, with whatever level of fakery, magnetic levitation just looks cool. We don’t know about you, but merely walking past the tackiest gadget shop, the displays of ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation - the Future of Rail Travel?
Magnetic Levitation Transport, or maglev, is a revolutionary form of railway transport. It uses magnetic forces to make the vehicles hover above the track rather than running along them ... continued..
China sets world record for fastest hyperloop train
A Chinese missile manufacturer claims to have built the fastest train ever, a hyperloop train that travels in a vacuum tube using magnetic levitation. continued..
Magnetic Levitating Bearing for a bi-Ventricular Assist Device
Sign up to receive important email messages about the Imagine RIT Festival this year, and future years, too (save-the-date announcement, event announcements, and post ... continued..
Innovations Shaping The Future Of Magnetic Levitation Concept Automobile Market Dynamics
Market Dynamics: It provides a comprehensive overview of market dynamics, along with future growth opportunities, ensuring stakeholders are prepared for the years ahead. Segment Data: It provides ... continued..
FamilyHomeDecor celebrates launch with BUY 2 GET 1 FREE levitating plant pots
FamilyHomeDecor is celebrating the launch of Levitating Flower Pot online by giving away a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE levitating flower pot from our website ... continued..

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